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Softest SHooting 40?

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I saw a similar thread on another forum - and I thought I'd start 1 here - What's everyone's opinion on the softest shooting 40 cal?

To me, it is the PX4 Beretta. In 9mm, the recoil is like any other 9mm to me. But, in 40 - wow!

I don't even like the 40 cal round - but, I finally bought a 40 cal PX4 earlier this year, because of the light recoil.

I even got to shoot it head to head with a 40 cal Beretta 92FS recently. I think the PX4 had less recoil.
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Softest shooting .40 I have is my HK USPf.
Is the Olympic Arms K40-GL an acceptable answer? :p
The softest 40 I have is a P226 Equinox, followed by the P229, and then the SP2340. The P239 is a little snappier than the others but none of them are bad at all.
P229 for me...a vast difference from my Glock 22&35
Sig P226, then the Sig Pro 2340. Softest I have
I tried the Px4 in .40 and the trigger sting was so bad I had to stop shooting.

I ended up with the M&P .40 and I can shoot it all day with out any fatigue or discomfort.
Yes - it seems that some of the PX4s suffer from Trigger sting - I have followed that topic on the Beretta forum. Not all of them do - and colder weathers eems to set it off for some.
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