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Meh. Not a fan of tanto's. Also don't care for that knifes looks (and it looks like it would be slick in hand).

Kershaw has some very fast assisted opener's as well. I prefer flipper's personally. My two carry knives are a Wilson Combat RRF (assisted opener, very fast) and a ZT 0561, which is fast due to the bushings using bearings. It's not assisted, but very very smooth and almost as fast as my W.C.
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I have one of those. They're really nice. I also like the slim jims. Usually have a SOG slim jim xl as my EDC.

Knife Blade Tool Serrated blade

It's similar to the Flashback in that it's semi-auto.

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The fastest blade on the market is the one that can be deployed as fast as a real life threat is identified.

This following was told to me by an officer.
In some instances, a mild threat may just want to throw a lunch bag at us or talk some serious schitte.
The second that we pull a blade, they are entitled to deem us as the new threat and fight for life at that point legally.
Someone please back this statement up or claim it bogus.

In the end, I think a tang deployment (Zero Tolerance/ Kershaw) and a Wave deployment (Emerson/Fox) is the long term design speed item.
Microtech, and obviously fixed neck-knives and others are fast too, but it's all in training, retention and safety from ourselves at a certain point.

Don't get me started on blades and flashlights!
I'll bring the Bladeforum and Candlepowerforum bladegeeks and flashaholics in here!

As for hype+credit, the Dart is very nice.
Doug M. is Instructor Zero's main squeeze.

Below is the Fox dart.

S30V was the craze and now S35Vn is the new wave.
Hardness will make sharpening a task compared to 154CM and so on.

Enjoy the Dart, it just hit the shelves.
Good blades cost between $25-$600.
Watch your washers, as plastic are butter smooth but may break one day. Phosphorous-bronze self lubricating are a good way to start in pivot points.



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