This Geissele Automatics MK16 Modular M-LOK AR-15 Handguard - 11.750" inch length (black) handguard is SOLD . Cy Sensenbach @Chop boss official on IG did the cut and refinish on the end of the handguard. IMHO, this handguard is the perfect length for a 12.5" barrel. It is priced at $340.. shipped to you. Payment would be by Zelle or a USPS or bank money order. I have no PayPal account. The Geissele MK16 handguard is currently in use by our military on their USASOC URGI rifle. Geissele hand guards are made out of 7000 series aluminum alloy, which is stronger and more rigid than 6000 series aluminum. No further price reduction on this item and no trades are needed.