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World's Fattest Man Is Engaged

The world's fattest man has found true love. Mexican Manuel Uribe who once tipped the scales at a Guinness record-breaking weight of 1,235 pounds now weighs "just" 700 pounds, a weight loss of 535 pounds. That's not bad considering he still can't get out of bed, so he's doing it without exercise. Now The Associated Press reports that Uribe is engaged and has a new weight loss goal: to be able to stand on his own two feet when he gets married in a year.

Uribe met his fiancée, Claudia Solis, a 38-year-old hairdresser, four years ago, and they have been a couple for two years. "It frustrates me a little, because it is not easy to get out," said Uribe, who has been confined to his bed for the last six years. "We are in love, and this year my birthday wish is to be able to stand when we get married," he told AP. "We are a couple. We have sex, and in the eyes of God we are already married."

Solis, who wears a diamond engagement ring, admitted life with a man this large is not always easy. "I bathe him every day, and we get along very well," she explained to AP. "At times, yes, people say things...that it's a fake relationship, but what we have is real." She admitted her family was opposed to the match because they didn't want her to experience more heartbreak; her first husband, who was also obese, died of respiratory failure. "They were worried about me being involved with another fat man, because they thought another husband would die on me," she told AP.

Uribe, who turned 43 on June 11, is hoping that the Guinness officials confirm in July that he holds a new title: The world's greatest loser of weight. Even if he succeeds, walking will still be difficult. After binging on a nonstop diet of junk food and soft drinks when he lived in the United States in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he gained much of the weight. In an attempt to quickly lose it, he had liposuction, but the operation was botched. The surgery damaged his lymph nodes and left him with giant tumors on both legs that altogether weigh 220 pounds. It is the tumors that make it difficult for him to walk. He is losing weight now by eating small portions of food five times a day, including chicken, ham, egg-white omelets, fruit and vegetables.
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