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Before the Illinois concealed carry law takes effect, firearm instructors help those interested get closer to a permit, but there's a potential problem with where teaching takes place.
Before the law passed, Illinois lawmakers didn't know if the bill had enough support. These days, in some cities, we're seeing the opposite problem. One local concealed carry instructor says training now takes up more of her time.

"I am averaging about five classes a week." -says instructor Sandra Farnham.
Farnham helps potential permit-holders complete their 16 safety training hours. She shows them how it's don where she works in Machesney Park.

"I'm the trainer at Bullet Stop, so I have full access to their range any time that I need it for classes. I teach my classes over there and it works out great." -she explains.
That's not the case in other Illinois cities. Closer to Chicago, some instructors say they can't find gun ranges to teach at. KAP Guns owner and concealed carry instructor Kenny Polhamus sees a similar issue in Rockford.
"There are a very limited amount of ranges, there's always outdoor stuff but people don't want to go outdoors when it's like this. I've had a few people just recently asking [to use my indoor range] and I think it has to do with the weather."

He's already helped out independent instructors looking to use space, even though he teaches his own classes and runs a business at KAP.

"I try to accommodate as best I can, but I don't want to close down my range to my good customers that come in once a week to shoot or twice a week to shoot." -he says.
Chicago suburb instructors say high demands make booking a range and classroom at the same time for training difficult. Instructors who work at or own facilities offer this advice.

Read and see more: Some Illinois concealed carry instructors say there's no room to - WREX.com ? Rockford?s News Leader
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