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sorry had to make room

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Thanks it is a long time in the making i sold every gun i owned in 1998 due to a bad divorce and i was determined to rebulid my collection. my ex wife left me and my so life was very hard for us for a long time........
YES s/n and my You know :wink:

You can almost see the E.R.T label on the sling of the ps-90
Thanks Its still growing :wink:
new mossberg 835 mag 24'' slug and 20'' reg barrels. I found it on the clearance rack at cabelas it has a slight ding in the forgrip. it only was 390.00

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I really went there to look for a new safe :D
thanks yes that was a hard time but i am working on it no pictured S&W M&P .40

thanks ya i been looking at a p38
I have wanted one for a very long time but i am waiting for the right one :roll: that is not an easy or fast task.....
I love that rifle the garand is Mile stone for this country...... It makes me mad that I am not going to shoot it ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :cry:
1 - 11 of 22 Posts
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