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Reluctantly selling my PS90 and accessories in package deal as I have my eye on another must have. It has flawlessly gone thru only 100 rounds and firearm and has been properly maintained. It’s in great condition. I have two grand in all this…but will sell all for $1700.00 and I guess might part out if necessary. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have questions!
Can do face to face in Kansas City MO area, or shipped to ffl
• Black PS90 doubleudoubleudoubleufnhusa.com/le/products/firearms/model.asp?fid=FNF009&gid=FNG006&mid=FNM0017
• Bushnell Trophy 1x32 Riflescope Matte T Dot 730132P (comes with original white ghost ring site, too) doubleudoubleudoubleubushnell.com/general/riflescopes_trophy_73-0132P.cfm
• Extra 50 round magazine doubleudoubleudoubleufnhusa.com/le/products/firearms/model.asp?fid=FNF031&gid=FNG009&mid=FNM0082
• Modified 30 round magazine to accommodate 50 rounds
• Dual magazine clamp doubleudoubleudoubleumagazineparts.com/productDisplay.php?id=MC
• Two black brash catchers (not sure why I have two) doubleudoubleudoubleumagazineparts.com/productDisplay.php?id=BC
• Optical rail doubleudoubleudoubleumagazineparts.com/productDisplay.php?id=SETOR (it doesn’t have the white lettering)
• Two side rails doubleudoubleudoubleumagazineparts.com/productDisplay.php?id=SHSR
• Double rail mount doubleudoubleudoubleumagazineparts.com/productDisplay.php?id=MC
• Extended cocking handle doubleudoubleudoubleufseusa.com/product_info.php?products_id=345
• Streamlight TLR-2 Rail Mounted Tactical Light w/ Laser Sight doubleudoubleudoubleustreamlight.com/product/product.aspx?pid=81
• Streamlight backplate adaptor and pressure switch

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