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SPR A5M XP Rail: Nonstandard?

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Moved the scope from my AR-15 to the XP last night just to see what I would see. The scope is mounted to Burris extra high QD rings, so I expected it to be suboptimal, but I did not expect what I found. The rings lock up tight on the rail on the LMT MRP (receiver and rail all one piece) but they wiggle laterally on the XP. A lot. Adjusting the rings did not help.

These rings are too tall for the XP, and QD is not all that useful, so I'm not greatly concerned that this ring/scope combination does not work, but I am puzzled that the XP's rail does not seem to be standard.

Any thoughts? What rings are you using?
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I'm using Warne rings on mine and they fit nice and tight. They're low height (I have a Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50 on it, bell is about 1/2 cm above the barrel)

And FWIW, the rail is made by Badger Ordnance, so I would think it would be good.
Funny how Badger Ordnance says .823" is standard while KA says that .925" is low......

And they wonder why we have a hard time figuring out the stuff.
Don't some ring manufacturer's measure from the middle of the ring while others measure from the bottom as well?
Agreed. When I ordered rings for mine, I got to the point that I was willing to just take a gamble and I happened to get lucky.
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