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Spring Retainer broke in my SLP.

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I had trouble with my SLP cycling at the range. When I got home I took everything apart and found a shot shell leaked some buffering pellets in the magazine tube.

I pulled the magazine spring out cleaned tube out with a dry patch. When I put the magazine spring back put the spring retainer back in the plastic broke.

I called Browning Parts and ordered a couple of spring retainers and also ordered a couple magazine springs and well. Is it a common problem for spring retainer to break? I have fired about 1100 rounds before the retainer broke. I take my SLP when I go on vacation so I am unloading and reloading my SLP so that is why I replaced the mag spring as well.
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I finally had a chance to test my SLP after repairing it. I took the SLP out of service until I was able get to the gun range and test it.

The indoor range I go to only allows shotguns to be fired the last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the month. I probably need to find another range that allows shotguns to fired more often.
I am glad you got it working it seems you and that shotgun make a great pair. As for things breaking, I hardly put any rounds through it. The place I shoot at has metal frames where you put targets up and I don't want to be a dick and mess em up. The majority of the maintainence is done by one guy. I ordered a nordic bolt handle last week.
I really like the Nordic bolt handle on my SLP. I predict you'll like it too.
Which piston do you use? I have the light and heavy. I keep the light one in for the time being.
Which piston do you use? I have the light and heavy. I keep the light one in for the time being.
I use the light piston almost all of the time. I have also tried the black piston when I fired 3" Federal TruBall 1oz slugs. I also have tried some 3" Brenneke Black Magic slugs. Surprisingly I was also able fire some 2 3/4" RIO Full power 9 pellet 00 buckshot with the heavy piston as well.
I bought this weird box of Remington double #4 shot 3 inch magnum. The shells weighs a ton I accidentally bought it too, it was super expensive. I usually shoot estate or cabelas has the Herters buckshot box of 10 for like 4 bucks i buy 2 boxes every time I go and stack em.
I bought a bunch of Rio Royal 9 pellet 00 buckshot from Cabela's. They were $3.99 for 5 shells a few years back so still have a long ways until I need to buy more. For HD I use either XM127 9 pellet 00 buckshot or Federal (PFC15400) Vital-Shok full power 9 pellet 00 buckshot with Flitecontrol.
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