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SS195 expansion

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Hi everybody,

I read that the SS195 is not designed to expand. Is this true?

Where can I find official data for this?

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Yes the ss 195 was designed not to expand and the reason was that the Hague treaty of 1899 banned the use of any expanding ammo!

The only 5.7 ammo that is designed to expand is the ss 197 and many say it does not expand very good, but it is recommended for hunting where the 195 will yaw (tumble) and thus create supposedly a devastating wound channel.
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Projectile type/behavior:

SS190 ---------------FMJ, Tumbles (no deformation)-----------
SS191 ---------------Tracer FMJ, Tumbles (no deformation)-----
SS192 ---------------JHP, Tumbles (no deformation)-------------
SB193 ---------------Subsonic FMJBT (Sierra Game King)--------
T194 ----------------JHP, Tumbles (no deformation)-------------
SS195 ---------------JHP, Tumbles (no deformation)-------------
SS196 ---------------V-MAX, Expands with fragmentation--------
SS197 ---------------V-MAX, Expands with fragmentation--------
SS198-----------------JHP, Tumbles (no deformation)-------------

SS196 is discontinued and almost impossible to find was produced only short time!
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This latest test is 7 weeks old done by a well known person!ShootingTheBull410 Tests the FN Five-seveN with FN SS197SR Ammo - The Truth About Guns This really shocked me.
Well I do see what you are saying about when he said :Commercially " available, the ss 198 is listed by all as LE restricted and while it as well as ss 190 has been always avail on Gunbroker and other sites I have yet to see any in retail stores as such.

What shocked me is that he says the .22 magnum from a NAA mini revolver is almost just as good!

It does seem that in general I do read a lot about bad lots/batches of 5.7 in various types of bullets. Is this something to worry about since I do have a ton of ss 195 bought between 2007-2009 and I cant check every box.

His ss 197 tests were done 7 weeks ago so most likely there are bad batches of recent ss 197 out there, not good!

Darn, that is scary since if your life depended it and it didn't expand the Perp could still keep coming!
Not quite true on 1st phrase. But if a hp doesn't expand no 1 reason is not enough power due to lack of velocity (squib load) due to not enough powder or on some ammo it wont expand unless shot out of a rifle!

I remember all the probs with ps 90's not cycling to only find out ammo was improperly loaded also some pistols had probs back in 07, but FNH did exchange the bad lots.

I guess no Chrony was used since if it had been cause could have been determined!
And one more time, the FN hollow points are not supposed to expand, it does not matter if fired from the pistol or rifle.
I never said 5.7 HP's, if with other ammo like.22 don't expand since HPs are supposed (besides the 5.7 Hp) then usually there are 2 causes low powder load or barrel not long enough and with either the hp's wont expand.
SS196 ---------------V-MAX, Expands with fragmentation--------
SS197 ---------------V-MAX, Expands with fragmentation

Just like in my mini NAA with a 1 1/8" barrel no .22 will expand due to not enough velocity, except the Stinger will expand since its velocity is 1640 fps compared to 1240 on their others.

The dude in the vid I posted was upset the 197 didn't expand/fragment at all except 1.
You are 100% correct, but I simply was trying to answer questions for a Newbie about JHP's in general and thus gat a little off track!

Thank You
Lester, now that is more than a little off track, I was talking 1 Wheel and not the Whole Damn Train!
It would really be beneficial if u would use a Chrony!:new3_sign_goodidea:
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