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SS195 expansion

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Hi everybody,

I read that the SS195 is not designed to expand. Is this true?

Where can I find official data for this?

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SS195 can deform and or "expand", but it's only when it encounters things like hard objects or Kevlar. Otherwise, it maintains it's shape in most situations. Sometimes the core will separate from the jacket..

It's general behavior in soft tissue here as fired from the FSN:

The official duty round was SS190. I don't know if the Hague convention had any bearing on 28gr design.

SS197SR behavior. It fragments. Sometimes you'll have a lot that is lower velocity and it won't fragment.
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Well I do see what you are saying about when he said :Commercially " available, the ss 198 is listed by all as LE restricted and while it as well as ss 190 has been always avail on Gunbroker and other sites I have yet to see any in retail stores as such.

What shocked me is that he says the .22 magnum from a NAA mini revolver is almost just as good!

STB wasn't happy with SS197SR because it didn't perform as designed; it didn't make any attempts to fragment. He could have a lot that underperformed. Which, is why I wish he got his chrono to work..
Well the only way to know for sure is to check the headstamps /lot number to see what year the round was produced. Any of the SS197SR, I've tested has always varied between 1710-1780 fps. The FN loaded ammo tends to be the most consistent from all of my tests (SS190, SB193, SS195, SS198, SS192), just the Fiocchi loaded stuff seems to be the worst offenders.
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And one more time, the FN hollow points are not supposed to expand, it does not matter if fired from the pistol or rifle.
JHS is right. At factory velocities SS192/195/198 does not deform very much against soft targets. As I mentioned earlier, hard targets are a different story. At higher than factory velocities, the jacket begins to fragment, and the core can typically become a separate wounding device.
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