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How much is it really worth, i see some dumb auctions asking $50 a box, but what should it sell for?
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Mark Ducati said:
Since y'all are soooo much smarter than me, perhaps you may care to comment up this "myth"....

Supposedly, the SS195LF ammo has a primer with a 10 year shelf life.... something about how the primer is made with out lead, it still goes bang when struck, but degrades over time.

I just a dumb old country dentist... but fer me and my boys, we're stockin' up on SS197 when given the chance.
I believe that one of the rep's from FN stated that the shelf life of SS195 is the same as all others, indefinite.

I'm stocking up on SS195, IMO, after all the reading/tests on this site and others, it's the better defensive round.
ShipWreck said:
Well, reloaders on several sites claim that the shelf life on lead free primers are 203 years, despite what FN says. So, who really knows...

203 years?!?!?!?! Indefinite was good enough answer, and just as viable at that point :x
The 195 has better wound characteristics....it was designed as a civilian available defensive round to replace the ss192, while the 197 was designed as a practice round, or FN's words, a sporting round. Again, this is from FN.

not that I would grab the PS90 in a self defense situation anyway, but just saying :lol:
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