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Put 100 rounds downrange tonight. What a rush. I found that the claims of no recoil are actually true.

Before shooting I broke it down, and rubbed it down with One Lube. Re-assembled it, and commenced shooting. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of shooting. The grip is a little long for me. I am a beretta man, and really like the 9x series pistols. Anyway....

There was a lot of muzzle flash. I found this to be a little distracting for quick follow-up shots, but with a little practice shouldn't be too difficult to ignore. I found the the grip serrations were pretty sharp. I think I was holding it too tight because I started off by shooting my Beretta Elite II .40. The only calluses I have on my hands is from keyboarding on the computer.

There didn't seem to be any fouling on the frame so it seems the powder the ammunition is loaded with is clean.

I'm very impressed with this pistol. The weight makes this pistol a winner for concealed carry.

I wonder how the finish will hold up, and if the sporting ammunition has the same muzzle flash.
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