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Steel casing

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I'm looking to purchase an FN FNX .45 and I have a lot of tula steel cased .45. Has anyone used steel casings with this weapon? Are there stronger ejectors on the market that will accommodate steel casings better than stock?
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Some people will tell you never to run steel case through a pistol, but I don't subscribe to that. I've run Wolf through both my FNX-45 and my S&W 4516-1 without so much as a hiccup and have run steel case ammo through many others over the decade and a half that I've been shooting. It's definitely messier and smokier, but it runs perfectly fine, and fairly accurately too (can't speak for Tula, just my experience with Wolf). With brass case still in the 70cpr range, I'm not going to be picky. And contrary to common belief, you can reload steel case if it's boxer primed. Just make VERY sure the cases are well lubed. You can also convert berdan primed cases to boxer primed, but that's mainly applicable to x39 rifle. I know the Wolf that I have is all boxer primed.
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