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My father in law forwarded this to me about a diner in Rifle Colorado - now this place has got it going on!!

Welcome to the family restaurant where diners are encouraged to bring their guns ... and even all the waitresses are packing heat
  • Shooters Grill opened in Rifle, Colorado, in May 2013
  • Customers are encourage to carry weapons at the restaurant, as allowed by Colorado law
  • Owner Lauren Boebert said: 'We don't worship guns - we worship Jesus.'
  • They do not serve alcohol, which pleases local police
By Joel Christie
Published: 22:29 EST, 1 July 2014 | Updated: 05:26 EST, 2 July 2014

How does a Swiss and Wesson grilled cheese for lunch sound?
Or a Guac 19 burger for dinner?
And would you like to attend a concealed carry class after your meal?
All is possible at Shooters Grill, a family-style American diner situated in the hunting-loving town of Rifle, Colorado.
All nine of the servers at the restaurant pack heat, from Glock semi-automatics to Ashlee Saenz's thigh-length Rueger Blackhawk .357 six-shooter.

Shoot yeah: Shooters Grill owner Lauren Boebert and her husband Jayson, who have four children together, encourage customers to bring their weapons with them while they eat at the diner in Rifle, Colorado

Carrying: All nine of the servers at the restaurant pack heat. They have been safety certified to carry concealed weapons

This greets customers as they arrive at the restaurant in Rifle, southern Colorado

Owner Lauren Boebert, 27, said she encourages people to carry weapons but, at the end of the day: 'We don't worship guns - we worship Jesus.'
However owner Lauren Boebert said that, despite the name, she did not set out to create a saloon when opening the doors to the place in May last year.
'We don't worship guns - we worship Jesus,' the 27-year-old mother-of-four 9 News.
'We're here to serve people.'
But amid endless debate about America's gun control epidemic, an eatery that encourages customers to carry their weapons - complete with a sign saying 'Guns Are Welcome' - should be controversial.
But it isn't.
Set in ranch and natural gas country in southern Colorado, the 9,200 residents - as well as visitors - of Rifle seem to have embraced it.

Hungry? The Uzi burger is one of the most popular items of the menu, which features American and Mexican fare

Waitress Ashlee Saenz' (center) carries thigh-length Rueger Blackhawk .357 six-shooter

A family arrive for dinner at Shooters Grill and are greeted by owner Lauren Boebert (left)
Of the 11 reviews of foodie website Yelp, all are overwhelmingly positive.
Shooters also doesn't serve alcohol.
All of the waitresses have been safety certified to carry concealed weapons.
For $75, the grill offers a handgun safety class, with the price including dinner and a seminar.
'We encourage it, and the customers love that they can come here and express their rights,' Boebert told The Post Independent.
'This country was founded on our freedom. People can come in carrying their gun, and they can pray over their food.'
Rifle has maintained a low crime rate.
The staff at Shooters say they never expect to use their weapons but, as residents of Colorado, they have a right to carry them.
Local police say the open carry policy would be different if the diner did serve alcohol.

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Sounds like a cool place!
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