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Stripped Screw Help

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Last night, I started the relatively simple process of installing the Midwest Industries SCAR SSR rail on my SCAR 17. Everything was going fine until I stripped one of the screws I was trying to remove. Specifically, it is the left screw that hold the front plate in place (I'm not sure of its exact nomenclature). I used heat per the directions and the right screw came out easily but the left one stripped. I already tried all the "easy" remedies for stripped screws but, alas, no joy. I need help from the experts. Has anyone encountered this problem? How do I remove this screw without damaging anything? I don't care if the screw is destroyed in the process since alternates were provided. Any good ideas on removing it? Thanks for your help; I really appreciate it.


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For stripped hex screws, I usually dremel out a slot for a flat head. But you might want to check to see if your hex wrench is the right scale and size first. I can't remember whether scar screws are metric or imperial but the correct sized wrench might still be able to get the screw out.

If you don't feel comfortable about doing any of that then get a gunsmith (or a mechanic/machinist) to do it for you.
I'm pretty sure that screw (and all the other little f***ers) is 2.5mm...and possibly made of hardened butter, because I stripped one myself.
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