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Stripped Screw Help

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Last night, I started the relatively simple process of installing the Midwest Industries SCAR SSR rail on my SCAR 17. Everything was going fine until I stripped one of the screws I was trying to remove. Specifically, it is the left screw that hold the front plate in place (I'm not sure of its exact nomenclature). I used heat per the directions and the right screw came out easily but the left one stripped. I already tried all the "easy" remedies for stripped screws but, alas, no joy. I need help from the experts. Has anyone encountered this problem? How do I remove this screw without damaging anything? I don't care if the screw is destroyed in the process since alternates were provided. Any good ideas on removing it? Thanks for your help; I really appreciate it.


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I ve used the tapping of torque bit into stripped Allen head many times with great success.
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