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Stutzman to Introduce GOA-Backed Reciprocity Bill for Concealed Carry

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Stutzman to Introduce GOA-Backed Reciprocity Bill for Concealed Carry

Congressman Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) has told Gun Owners of America that he will be introducing this reciprocity bill within the next few weeks. This bill will prohibit states like New York and California from cancelling the Second Amendment rights of Americans from other states.

If someone has a concealed carry permit -- or if they come from a freedom-loving state that doesn't require one -- they should be able to carry anywhere in the country without fear of losing their constitutional rights because of where they are.

With six constitutional carry states -- and at least four other states which may pass those laws this year -- the Stutzman bill is a particularly important contrast to competing bills which would require states like Vermont to change their pro-gun laws in order to benefit.

The Stutzman bill is THE ONLY RECIPROCITY bill endorsed by Gun Owners of America. But believe me, this bill is needed.

Just last year, a Pennsylvania woman with a concealed carry license drove over the New Jersey line with a gun in her car. In a routine traffic stop, she was arrested and charged for violating New Jersey's unconstitutional gun laws. Only a national campaign saved her from a decade in prison.

So urge your Representative to call Congressman Stutzman and sign up as an original cosponsor to the Stutzman “constitutional carry” friendly reciprocity bill.

Alternative ways of contacting your Representative:

Write or Call Your Representative Directly
Fax Your Representative
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