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Super Tuck Holster

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Just got one from crossbreed holsters. With belt and velcro system. Very nice setup. I used to carry a P3AT because it doesn't show. Now I can carry my 5.7 comfortabley. Very impressed.
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I've worn my supertuck for the FiveSeven now about 3 days and it's getting really comfy but not quite happy with gun retention in it. When I tried to remove it while at the range sunday it was so tight that I could NOT get it out of the holster without undoing my belt. Granted, my pants were extremely tight but it would have been bad had I had needed to get it out quickly.

I am going to get a pair of pants and a belt a size or two larger than I'd normally wear and see how it is then. I've got the supertuck on the right with their tuckable double mag holster on my left, so they combined add at least a couple inches to my waist size.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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