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Super Tuck Holster

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Just got one from crossbreed holsters. With belt and velcro system. Very nice setup. I used to carry a P3AT because it doesn't show. Now I can carry my 5.7 comfortabley. Very impressed.
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Thanks for the info, cause me being a leftie/southpaw, I was thinking of reversing the mag release. But I can see your point. My Super Tuck has been ordered one week ago, 2 more weeks waiting and then I hopefully will see it.
Got my Super Tuck in the mail today for my FNP 40. 9 calendar days is all it took from my phone call. Now to start adjusting and wearing!
You'll be the 2nd to know. Popped it on at lunch, gotta do some adjustments. The cant isn't GTG out of the box. I'll do some changing tonite. Very impressed with retention.Has to snap in and anice tug coming out. May not have to twaek that part at all.
Best part, since pants don't come in my size, always have to go up one, the holster fits nice w/o making the pants feel tight.
Been wearing the Super Tuck on and off at this time. Letting it conform to me. Been adjusting and changing cant, still not happy where it is. The top of the backpad is hitting my lowest rib. Thinking of taking the Dremel and tweaking it down some. It's getting to the point where you forget it's on til it jabs my rib. Being a southpaw, it's been at 9 o'clock. The butt/ mag bottom prints a tad under a knit pullover shirt. Would like to wear at 10 o'clock but then the clip is darn near the buckle on the belt.
Where do the other lefties carry?
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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