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Suppressed Scar Cleaning Advice

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I've been running my first can on my scar16 and just wanted some thoughts on cleaning afterwards. When I get down to cleaning there's a ton of powder, carbon and oil residue blasted all around. I usually use aerosol foaming CLP as my cleaner and leave a light film on the bolt carrier.(mainly because its easy)

After cleaning tonight I'm just using a more solid grease on contact parts and tried to get everything as oil free as possible. I'm hoping this "less is more" technique will cut down on the eye burning blow black and keep the gun a little cleaner running suppressed.

All you dudes in the know let me know if I'm hot or cold. Also any tips, tricks or products in particular that work for you.
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I didn't change my cleaning regimen, it just looks alot dirtier after 100 rounds suppressed than 1000 not. Just pay more attention to the gas block piston and parts.
I'm running the OSS 7.62 Suppressor on my Scar 17s and I don't get any gas blowback with this suppressor, but it is normal for the chamber to be dirtier when shooting suppressed. I have started using TW25B grease on the bolt carrier group instead of oil. I did this simply because the bolt carrier group on the 17s is pretty heavy and has a lot of contact areas, not because I'm shooting suppressed. The TW25B grease stays put really well and I think it helps prevent some friction. I don't have to re-oil it every time now. One thing I do for cleaning the chamber is take a couple metal cleaning rods and screw them together so it is long enough to reach the chamber when inserted from the rear of the rifle. Put your chamber brush on one end and tighten the other end into the chuck on a cordless drill. Now you have a 3,000 rpm cleaning tool! Then change out your chamber brush for an attachment that can hold cotton cloths and clean up the mess. I can get my chamber super clean with this method. Hope this helps.
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