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Suppressing an AK.

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Do any of you run an AK suppressed? From the reading I have done so far folks stay away from mounting suppressors on factory threaded AK barrels because they usually aren't concentric. However I plan on having my barrel threaded by a professional so it will be concentric. Other than that I read that they are much louder than DI ARs because of the supersonic gases escaping out of the gas block.

Is there any reason not to suppress an AK? The AK in question is a VEPR 20" 7.62x39.
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Something isn't right. To only have .100 around the bore is kinda thin.

Looks to be a typo.

Here is the AAC's webpage. No option for 1/2"-28 thread for 7.62.

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Guess I didn't see it there, funny how they listed the sizes. Didn't look that far down as it appeared to be by smaller to larger.

It isn't in stock, wonder why.

A call to AAC would resolve this for sure.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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