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Suppressing the Five-seveN after all

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I wasn't planning on getting a suppressor for my USG. I didn't have any particular reason, just trying to save a buck. But, I suck at saving...and at sticking to plans. SO, I just ordered up a Jarvis barrel and a Spectre II. I was going to hold out for the Axiom, but I wanted to get the ball rolling. I've been honest about my patience, so that can't really come as a shock. Maybe I can get an Axiom farther down the line.

Also, again, a big thanks to Silencer Shop. Good Lord it's easy to order...too easy, really.
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That's the adapter I got for my 5.7. Works great, when I unscrewed it the adapter came off with the can. Now if I can find a wrench to remove it. Wonder if the tools that came with my saker 7.62 can will work?
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