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Suppressor cover/mirage mitigation solution, discussion and thoughts

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Not to long ago I was shooting out to 100+ yards on a warm Florida day when the heat off my can ended my shooting. It was terrible, I could t see anything, shoot anything, and worse I had to wait for my can to cool to store my gear.

I decided I was interested in looking into solving this situation. What do you use, what other so,unions have you seen or explored? Is this a problem that can be mitigated? Looking for experience with thus stuff, thoughts, dialog, links, reviews, discussions

I came across a product at my class III that offers a solution to this-but expensive- is this worth it?


and I came across this on Amazon. 50$ difference--does one really work that much better than another?

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I am going with the Manta rubber ones. Have had them in courses and they hold on just fine and keep the mirage down. I have seen the cordura ones get snagged on stuff, fall off... may have been installer error but the rubber/silicone... ones work great, look great, and don't represent a snag danger.
I have the FTW on my Specwar 762 and frankly dont like it. It continues to slide around no matter how tight I lace it. I think I will try the Manta as well.
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