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A few months ago, I picked up a surplus Molle2 Large Rucksack, in ACU Digital camo.
At the risk of showing my age, I never used the Molle rucksacks before. I was only issued the ALICE rucksacks during my years of service.

This thing is loaded with tons of convenient features and improved ergonomics over the ALICE rucksacks.

The very first thing that I noticed about these rucksacks is the grab strap at the top of the rucksack. It's a very nice feature that could only be replicated on the ALICE packs if the ALICE had the external aluminum frame.
The grab handle greatly eases snatching up the rucksack in a hurry; and we all know in the military, everything is done in a rush. (The old saying "Hurry up & wait" )

The frame is external and is made of a very light weight flexible polymer. For the size of the frame, I am surprised how light it is. I do not feel it weighs anymore than the old Alice aluminum external frame.
The frame I believe is a Gen IV which indicates it was molded with additional structural webbing (not to be confused with PALS webbing) for increased strength to address complaints of these breaking under the usual rigors soldiers put them through.
The frame comes with a whole bevy of optional holes and slots to offer a very wide range of adjustability for the size of each user.

The Molle2 kidney belt and shoulder straps are 100X more comfortable than the ALICE belt and shoulder straps.
The "quick ditch" release latches on both shoulder straps make for a very quick dismount of the rucksack from your back which is very much appreciate during a break or at the end of a very long road march.

This thing is massive; 3000 CI volume and copious amounts of PALs webbing to attach all sorts of additional pouches, containers, and gear.
My photos below do not do it any justice because I have the rucksack very neatly and very tightly folded up and strapped down against the frame.
The internal main compartment can be divided into two compartments with a flap that zips into place, and the bottom half of the main compartment becomes a separate compartment to carry a sleep system or other items you don't want intermixed with your own gear.

The rucksack is very strong; I believe it is rated for 200 lbf, though I would never carry that amount of gear in it.
I am using mine primarily as a camping and hunting backpack, and when not doing that, it serves as a secondary Bugout Bag.

My only gripes about the Molle rucksacks are:
The zippers: These eventually break. The Molle2 rucksack zippers are very nice, big, and durable, but they can still break where the Alice packs draw straps and plastic quick snaps are not as prone to breaking.
The plastic belt buckle is thinner in many places than the ALICE belt buckle. I fear that the locations of the buckle which lack material will be prone to breaking.
The polymer frame: I know the Gen IV is an improved and reinforced frame, but with the history of previous generations of Molle frames failing, I sometimes worry if the Gen IV will meet the abuse levels the ALICE packs took. For this reason, I take particular care not to throw around my rucksack like I used to throw my ALICE rucksack around when I was in the service.

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Amen! Well if Alice floats yer boat, arrrgh! Tactical Tailer does custom packs and offers a lightweight frame upgrade, I've done things with Alice that frankly I would never do with molle 1-2 or iBLE.

Well SavageJim looks.. A good kind of big. Nice too! But...I'd hate to hump that. The looks of it, if it gains consciousness, it may want to hump me...
However, its a great pack the zippers should outlast the stitching holding the zipper to the material, keep up with the Irish Penents with a lighter you'll be fine. Best advice for people looking for a bug out bags is milsurplus, and maintainence because anything will fall apart.

I had IBLE from eBay, lashing strap hell. Weighs as much as a small-medium dog.empty. Check out 0241tactical for pack covers that good guy, loves his business, made in USA.
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