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I have for sale 5 Survival, Inc. Level IIIA NIJ certified Ace Advantage Body Armor VestsThey are new, un-used, unissued, in excellent condition with a couple spots on the back of one the shells from storage which can be washed out easily in the washer. The other 4 are perfect.
The one with the spot is $450.00
and the the other 4 are for $475.00 each.
shipping is $20.00 priority mail.
i accpet paypal, money orders, or certified bank check.
I am open to rifle or pistol trades as well, contact me with items of interest.


Lot #200005 Survival, Inc. Level III 3A Meets NIJ standard-0101.03. Manufactured in February of 2003 Size Regular/Large (R/L) Model BA-2P/3A-30

info from website:

The Ace Advantage™ Composite Body Armor Vest was developed for aircrew members and other elite special operations teams who have unique missions and cockpit integration requirements that demand extraordinary consideration. These armor systems have been specifically engineered for extended wear, fully integrating with Air Ace™ load-bearing survival vests, parachute harnesses, chemical warfare ensembles, rescue recovery harnesses, and aircraft utility restraint devices. Ace Advantage ™ Composite Body Armor offers the highest degree of end-use application and aircrew equipment integration ever developed.

Ace Advantage ™ Composite Body Armor uses UDX-1000™, a patented Composite Sheet Layering System that provides level IIIA threat protection yet is lightweight and flexible. Ace Advantage ™ can be worn under or over uniforms, flight clothing, and chemical defense ensembles. It provides one-size-fits-all construction through its four-point Snap Track™ adjustment system. Snap Track™ is a revolutionary attachment device that provides 600 knot, windblast proven performance, yet offers a quick release design feature for rapid removal. This armor can be worn under the aircrew survival vest, tactical assault vest, running gear, and restraint and load bearing harness. The removable and washable body armor covers provide both front and back pockets for upgrading capability or increased trauma protection by adding Level IIIA trauma pack inserts and Level IV hard armor plates. Ace Advantage ™ armor vests also feature additional attachment points for adding optional level IIIA armor accessories including ballistic collars, for increased protection around the neck region, and groin attachments.
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