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Really news to me we had an FFL and did nothing wrong hence the reason the settles with us, PAID me and gave us a clean bill of health.
Sorry about that Jay. Guess I should have said Type 7. But it was the determination that I GOT that you were riding on to skirt the law. Thats why they paid you and no one was put in jail or pay a massive fine, so I should say prosecuted for clarity.

But then you know that but as usual ......

You were raided for making AP ammo with the BBS which is brass. And your actions screwed the rest of us so you could put some dollars in your pocket.

But then it was suspected that you were turned in by ........

You should have just said nothing and left it alone.

My note: I am going to re-rwite this for clarity because I was on my damn phone and I have fat fingers so here it is.

Sorry about that Jay in that I did not specify Type 7 and not the general FFL for ammunition manufacturers that does not include AP ammunition manufacture. So yes, you had a FFL. Was it the right one? For all I know, you do other stuff, you might have a different FFL. But that is not the point, the type of FFL is the point. I am sure you have the right one now though.

However, the fact remains that it was the determination from the FTB that I pursued and received from them that you were using to produce the rounds with the Barnes Banded Solids. But lets face it, I knew (and I am pretty sure that you did too - wait is that why the other site mysteriously crashed and was not recoverable?) that the BBS was brass and it was a faulty determination, but never the less, you used this determination to skirt the law and make ammo with the Barnes Banded Solid that is of brass construction and is clearly a violation of the CGA68 (18 U.S.C., § 921(A)(17)(A)). I bet you know this law back and forwards, inside and out, up and down. However, in mass producing these rounds and marketing them, you screwed the rest of us to put a couple of dollars in your pocket. Now this determination is probably the reason that the BATFE dropped the charges. It is probably also why no one was fined and sent to jail or otherwise prosecuted. When your NSSF lawyers started looking for the original determination letter, guess who's door they came knocking on?

Clean bill of health, huh....

So yes, Elite is still in business today because of that determination letter. Your lawyers used it, in no small part, to save you and your business. Now isn't that a pisser......

Can't see the forest for the trees.....

Thread split. Thread died.
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