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Frangible said:
2. It does not seem to violate part (ii) as it's not greater than .22 caliber. Or is it? 5.7mm = .224". Is the definition here .2200000000"? I don't understand the definition of "larger than .22 caliber".
If the law on the books states .22 caliber and not .220000 caliber, it means all the way up to .229999999999999 caliber is considered .22 caliber. The next higher caliber .25 caliber would cover .250000000 thru .25999999999 caliber. However, there was a .23 caliber produced in the early 1900's but I do not think that a .23 caliber is manufactured anymore. I may be wrong (probably am) but looking through most laws on the books, they read as .23 caliber and higher when identifying a round that is larger than .22 caliber.

Do a google search on .23 caliber and you'll see some of the laws that refer for calibers larger than .22
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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