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If you are looking for a FNH rifle I urge you to NOT get it from Brett. He sold us a $3,300.00 rifle and the barrel would NOT group. I sent it back to him 3 different times. This guy has lots of stories about our warfighters in Aphganistan and how his company is shipping them rifles. All I can say is I pray they aren't using his weapons if they want to live very long. His site PROMISES SUB MOA with his barrels at 100 meters.
All we got was a crazy 10" group at 100 meters and lots of stories. He had the rifle the last time for 3 months. How long does it take to change a barrel on a SCAR 17s? about 5 minutes according the the directions. When he returned it our scope was broken and the magazin missing.

FNH WILL NOT even look at a rifle for warranty work coming from that shop if it is modified. I am posting this so that others that have saved over 3k to get their SCAR don't get burned. Get your rifle from a KNOWN source. If you don't believe me try abd google his company name and read the users with issues. I will be putting up a domain soon that will contain ALL the communications between Brett and myself via emails, photo's, and expert witnesses related to our purchase so that others will learn from our mistake. It will be right next to his link in google soon. Anyone searching for him will find us and our complaint. Hopefully it will steer others to a reputable FNH dealer.

***** I have included some unfortunate others posts for review below ******


Hi Desert Dog SUCKS!!!
Who the HELL recommended Hi Desert Dog and let them be a forum sponsor?
They have the WORST customer relations in the business!!! I sent an item out to them- was told it would take 4-6 weeks to complete back on 8/23/11...as of 1/16/12!!! no item!!, no refund!! and no recent status of my refund/return (as of last month) of my NUMEROUS emails and phone calls!! I am super polite and have been ultra patient! Brett the owner makes appologies and excuses and will tell you what ever he needs to keep you like a bait on a line...

Stay the F**K away from THEM!!! save your TIME and spend a little more cash on someone else....

Dont take my word for it....do a google on them and read the reviews yourself!...I should have taken my own advice!!​

I’ve been playing with the idea of making a Ruger 10/22 SBR for some time now, and have finally decided to just do it and stop thinking about it. So, I’ve got my paperwork in, waiting for the BATFE approval. In the meantime, I’m collecting all of the various parts for my project.
Of course, one of those parts is the all-important barrel.
So, after much investigation and searching, I finally order a barrel from Hi-Desertdog.com. It’s an 8” stainless-steel barrel, .920” bull profile, with a threaded muzzle and iron sights (really made for the Ruger Charger, but it will fit the 10/22 as well). I call ahead, and the guy on the phone was very helpful, seemed knowledgeable, and said that they were currently out of stock but they have a shipment arriving very soon. So I go ahead and place the order.
My credit card was charged immediately, which I thought was kind of odd, since they had no barrels in stock- but okay, so maybe they came in earlier than expected. A couple of weeks pass, and I fire them a friendly e-mail, just curious to see when they expect the barrels to arrive. No answer. Okay, so everyone is busy these days, and I send them another one. Still no answer. Mind you, their website clearly says that their preferred method of communication is via e-mail. I blow it off, and wait another two weeks- still no barrel, and no e-mail. So I give them a call.
I am assured that it has shipped out, and I will be receiving it no later than Friday (I called on Monday). Great! So I wait. Friday comes, and no barrel. So I wait another week- you know how it is when you’re expecting something to arrive- it’s always a few days late. Still, no barrel. I wait two more weeks- still no barrel.
So I call again, and I’m assured that it has been shipped, and I’ll receive it no later than Wednesday. So I wait. Wednesday comes, and still no barrel. By Friday, there is still no barrel. I call again, and again, I’m told that it has definitely been shipped, and I’ll be receiving it the following Wednesday, absolutely no later. Wednesday comes, no barrel. I wait ‘till Friday, STILL no barrel. I call my credit card company, and request a charge-back. I then get back on the computer, and order a 10” stainless-steel bull barrel from Kidd Innovative Design.
Kidd’s barrel arrives in a week. It’s a thing of beauty, too! I got the bead-blasted one, and I have to say, it’s just beautiful! The bore is polished like a mirror. I sent it out to Tornado Technologies to have them thread the muzzle, and they were kind enough to take the time to call Williams Gunsights to see if they have a set of sights available for the barrel, and they do! So, Tornado calls me back (and I mean, QUICK!) with the phone number to Williams Gunsights, and also gave me the correct part number for the sights. I give them a call, ordered the sights, and had them ship the sights to Tornado so they can mount them for me.
Now, it is a little more trouble to have gone the route I went, and a little more expensive, but you know what? Kidd shipped me the barrel in no time flat, it’s a thing of beauty, Tornado does very good work and are very good folks to deal with, and in the end I’ll probably end up with a much better product- and I won’t be paying for something that I will probably never receive anyway.
It has been two and a half months now since I ordered the barrel from Hi-Deserdog.com, and I have not seen anything arrive from them, nor received an e-mail, nor received a phone call- nothing.
Moral to this story- my experience with www.high-desertdog.com has been an absolute failure, and my own personal experience is that it seems they are engaging in questionable business practices. But I CAN highly recommend Kidd Innovative Design (I don’t yet know how it shoots, but I’m willing to bet it’s great), I can absolutely recommend Tornado Technologies, and Williams Gunsights was a breeze to work with. By the way, the correct part number is 70881 for the Firesights for mounting on the bull barrel.
So, I hope this information has been of some help to at least someone out there. As always, your mileage may vary, but this has been my experience.
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Last fall I inquired about the availability of the PS90 barrels and was told there would be another batch ready soon, and to order one when they were shown as available on the website. Checked in December and they were shown as available.
December 31, 2010 - placed order via website
January 3, 2011 - was charged
January 25, 2011 - received an email saying that the transaction was complete and that I would receive the goods shortly
February 24, 2011 - sent email asking status of order, not received
February 25, 2011 - Response: "Hi, sorry about that, shipping out on Monday, thanks."
March 10, 2011 - Sent email asking for tracking info/status of order
March 15, 2011 - call and leave message canceling order, threatening to contest charge
March 17, 2011 - receive call saying shrouds had to be re-done, will ship out by the end of the week
March 30, 2011 - call for status update, everyone is sick, will ship out by the end of the week
April 12, 2011 - call charge card and file claim
*April 12, 2011 - receive notification email of shipment
*April 13, 2011 - cancel claim with bank
*April 13, 2011 - item arrived
Now, the gentleman with an Australian accent that I talked to each time was pleasant to chat with and we always ended the call on friendly terms. I got a different excuse and a promise that I would have the barrel soon every time. I placed this order based on the positive feedback this company had on this forum. Recently I did some google-fu digging and found lots of complaint about their services, products and execution. Had I done that digging before I would not have placed the order. Just a heads-up for anyone thinking about ordering anything with Hi-Desert Dog.
*Extra item for my wait is a FNH USA Fired Case Collector.
If you've got a quarter of a year to wait for an item and thrive on not knowing the status of your online order, Hi-Desert Dog is for you.
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I recently got a barrel for my 77/22 from HDD (Threaded Green Mountain barrel). The threads were off and the included thread protector was a piece of crap.. I had to have a board member here fix it on his lathe (and make a new thread protector that's about 100,000 times nicer). It was off quite a lot and a silencer would not even seat down to the shoulder properly.

If I were to do it again, I would not purchase it from him. I would buy a non-threaded barrel and get it threaded properly.

I would have no problem ordering a part or other non-machined thing from him, but chances are, I never will. My transaction went fine and the item shipped pretty quick. I am also happy with the barrel itself, it's accurate enough. I'm just not happy with the machine work and I'm lucky my friend saw it wasn't seating all the way down (I hadn't noticed)
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Had a bad experience with him that will cause me never to even attempt purchasing from him again. Long story, and I don't remember the specifics, so I'd rather not post it and get details wrong. Either way, I'm avoiding him.
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I bought a 10/22 barrel from him on egay five or six years back. The very first round fired struck the endcap of my Warlock. I pulled the barrel and took it to a local machine shop where they determined that the threads were bad. It was too short to re-thread and this was before he had a website, so I sold the barrel to a buddy with a Norrell 10/22 with the knowledge that he was going to chop it down to 5 inches and re-thread. In the end, I bought a Tactical Solutions barrel and haven't looked back. I'm not interested in saving a few bucks to get a threaded barrel, particularly in light of the Gem-Tax that I would have probably not avoided if it had happened more recently.

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Based on further research and a few PM's, I'll just say I think I will frequent a different shop. Thanks for the help guy
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