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THE Definitive Five-seveN Photo Thread

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Post em if ya got em :)
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Very nice. What scope mount is that? Someone else here was trying to find one that would fit on the Five Seven a while back.
U should post a review of it in the Product Review subforum - so people looking for that specifically can find it - I'd PM the guy who wanted one, but I can't remember who he is.
Yes, that is an awesome pic!
graham-photo said:
WHen someone claims that the Five Seven is an ugly gun, I'll just show them that pic :?

The Five Seven looks AT LEAST better than a Glock :lol:
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Damn, I am jeolous of that. I would love to have that optic setup. But, I also like your two tone version better than the all black.
iCeMaN said:
i like my guns to be uniform for the most part but to each is own.... :cool:
I have several 2 tone pistols. I like em that way.
Well, I have an HK USPc, P99 and P99c that have hard chromed slides - and my new 1911 is 2 tone as well.

I was going to send my PX4 slide off for NP3 - but I decided just to save the $. I managed to use FLITZ to get 1 mark off that had been bugging me. And, I don't shoot the PX4 very much..
1 - 14 of 206 Posts
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