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I was also down to the HK45 (not USP) and the FNP45. Both felt very nice in my hand. This was my first handgun purchase so a lot of homework went into my decision (took me 2+ looong weeks to decide). I decided that the FNP45 had a "feel" that I liked and although price was not a major concern, I felt the FN offered more bang for the buck. I've put about 800 rounds through my newish FNP45 and couldn't be happier. Not a bad load in the bunch. Again, this was MY decision, you could have a completely different opinion and that's cool. Just my .02
PS...Having said that, my friend is looking at .45's now (his wife pretty much confiscated his S&W Sigma .40) and he may buy my FN and I will try the HK45. We pretty much shoot together, so swapping/comparing pistols might be fun. That would be a couple of months down the road, although he better hurry, I may not want to sell the FN. I love it!! My advice is shoot both if possible, at least carry the guns around the store for a while to get a feeling for the grip. Last but not least and again I have not shot the HK, but the recoil on the FNP45 is almost non existent. No more recoil, maybe less than the S&W .40 if that is important to you. I'm 6'3", 285 so my observations may be different than yours. Good luck and take your time.
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