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The HK45 is an excellent gun. Haven't fired one yet, but if it's anything like the P30 I shoot regularly it's a winner. The grip is second to none on the P30 and the HK 45. I will probably end up with one eventually.

The USP has always been a great gun. Accurate and reliable, mine have never had a single malfunction of any kind in some 1000 rounds each. The design of the USP absorbs recoil very well.

The FNP-45 is alot of gun for the money. I bought the FNP-45 before I buy the HK45 mainly because of capacity. The FNP-45 holds 14 rounds versus the HK45 which is only 10 rounds. That and three mags instead of only two and along with the price pushed me in the direction of the FNP-45. Also, I've already got my fair share of HK's to play with and wanted something different. :?

Check on the HK guys and see what they think about the same topic... http://hkpro.com/forum/showthread.php?t=82875
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