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Here are a few pics of the new Springfield Armory XDM-9mm. It has a 19+1 capacity and a hammer forged match grade barrel. Like the XDM-40 accessories include an XD belt holster, XD belt magazine pouch, XD magazine loader, and two 19 round magazines (the XDM-40 comes with two 16 round magazines). Three backstraps, gun lock, barrel brush, and a very nice hard case.

As with the XDM-40, I found the magazine loader to be of little help. I can load the magazines free hand just as well. The dimensions are the same as the XDM-40, so if you have had a chance to hold it, then you know what the 9 feels like.

Springfield Armory has an XD promotion going on right now until Jan 15, if you buy a XDM or XD pistol you get a coupon for two free magazines and a mag pouch.

Hopefully I will be able to get some range time in soon. I will post a range report in the future.

The XDM-9 next to the XDM-40

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