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First of all, I want to thank our forum’s administrators for allowing me this opportunity.

The purpose of this forum is to explore the tactical use and application of firearms.

If you own a gun for self protection, then you owe it to yourself to become skilled in its use. Thus, I intend for us to explore the application of firearms in a tactical manner. I am by no means and expert. Likewise, I am not a 19 year old airsoft champion either. What I am is someone in who takes firearms training seriously and has certain life experiences to back up my views. That said, I still search out trainers and training. A teacher who stops being a student has stopped growing. I am always critical of myself and seeking self improvement. When I go to the range, it is training and I train for real.

It is important in such a discussion that we do not become locked into thinking there is only one way to do anything. My philosophy is that firearm skills and drills are not set in stone. Tactics are constantly evolving. What works for a M4, may not work for a PS90. Different weapons require different skills. But, it is the principles behind the skills that stay the same.

My experiences are not solely based on what I learned on the range, but also on real world experiences while working over three years in Iraq as a security contractor. In some ways it was a validation of my previous training, while in other ways it caused me to reconsider what I had learned.. War is a crucible.

The most important thing I learned, and that which I can pass on to our members is that one must cultivate a warrior mindset. Without it, it doesn’t matter how good you are at the rang. Mindset, along with proper training is the key.

I invite everyone to join in on the discussions and to not only ask questions, but share their insights and observations. Now sit back and enjoy the ride!
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