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I'm really happy, but this waiting is killing me... so it's gonna sound like bitching. I'm not bitching or complaining, I just want to be home!

I'm visiting a friend in California for a couple of days... I won't be back home to Texas until Tuesday night.

In the mean time... my new PS90, it's new ERT sling, it's new scope mount, and it's Aimpoint M2-2X, is sitting at home waiting for me to return home to put it all together and take it to Tac Pro next weekend for her first try out.... AARRGGHH!!

That's bad enough... but then my brother called my cell phone. (I was on Hollywood Blvd avoiding some pretty stange folks while trying to see some sites my friend wanted to see at the time.) And he tells me the AR15 (M4 Style) I've been trying to get my hands on for two weeks is now mine.

A PWA lower receiver with a 16" Bushmaster upper (not Colt like I thought earlier), scope and mount, collapsable stock, and a sling... $500 cash.

I get to go to Long Beach tomorrow and see the Queen Mary... but I'll be thinking PS90's and AR15's... ugh... I'll never get home... :cry:

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