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Threaded barrel maintenance

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Hello. I am new to FN and recently purchased an FN 509 midsize tactical. It is my first pistol with a threaded barrel.

I put 300 rounds of Remington target practice ammo through it today for the first time. I noticed afterward that the cap on the barrel came loose and that the threads and crown were light gray and brown, as if they had rusted--which I can't believe. But I tried CLP and it is still there.

I have never seen this before on a gun. Is this normal for threaded barrels? How do you fix it? The pictures don't do justice to how light the barrel looks now, even after hard scrubbing with CLP.

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What do you recommend I use to scrub it clean? Like I said, I have never encountered this before on my other guns!
Carbon remover

You can also use a die to keep the threads looking new. Word of caution here, try to get most of the carbon buildup off before using the die and be sure to use oil/cutting fluid if you are cleaning the thread up with a die.

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