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Tips to know when buying a Scar, new or used??

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I should be looking at my first scar 16s here in a couple of days and wanted to know if there is any needed info that I should know prior to buying. Reason I ask is another forum member sent me a pm with info that I should be aware while looking at a scar. Any of you guys know of anything I should be aware of prior to buying or I should look for or at when I get one in my hands? This would obviously be really relevant in looking at a used one as well... thanks
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Aside from the obvious things to look for with any used rifle such as a basic action and safety check, with a used 16s it would be a good idea to make sure the use of improper magazines hasn't damaged the rifle. An idea of the problem and what to look for is nicely explained and shown in this 16s forum "sticky":

+! on the need to check the above when buying a used SCAR 16S.
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