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WELL I did it, today I picked up my PS90 TR from my dealer that I won on Gunbrokers. it is the $1375 from Tanner's sport center they are good people great prices $20 shipping $20 dealer trans. $40 rifle case from Dicks sporting good, $80 for two extra mags, $84 for ammo, $27 for a UAG red dot sight. and a few other toys that have not arived in the mail yet. So Iam into the rifle with all the add on toys for about $1800. ok, I know what some of you guys are going to say, a $27 UAG RED DOT !! well I needed something for a sight on the TR as you know they do not come with one and my cash flow or lack there of has put me on hold on buying a aimpoint or eotech. So from the dealer I went to the range and put 100 rounds threw her.Well less than a 100 I had to let some of the members try her out, :x What a nice little rifle, the mags get a little use to loading but all in all YES YES YES !! I LIKE IT. :shock: :-x 8) :shock:
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a little bit off topic, but the price reminded me... as far as the price is concerned, I just sunk 3000.00 into two m-14's..1600.00 a peice, so the price for such a fabulous thing as this is not bad at all!
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