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To SBR or not to SBR??? Brand new in box the Gen 1 PS90?

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Well guys my Gen 2 Tri-Rail has really been in need of a twin SBR PS90 so I've been on the hunt for a second PS90 and came across a great deal on a Brand new in the box never been fired Gen 1 PS90. Gun also has a low serial #FN037xxx. Well the minute I picked it up I filed for my tax stamp to get the wait started. Now I'm wondering if I messed up?!?!

Should I stick this new Gen 1 in the safe or SBR it and have fun?

Also since I've already filed for my stamp can I transfer to another PS90 I pick up or did I just throw $200 out the window of I decide to make it a safe queen?
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I say go ahead and SBR it and have fun. Of course I never got the whole draw of the gen1/2 thing. Get a newer trigger pack to put in there if it means anything to you.
Sweet setup Dixie! What case is that???

I've decided I'm just gonna keep with the plans and SBR my Gen 1. Plus I've already made it past two months of the wait on my Form 1 so I don't wanna throw that time or my $200 away.
Good choice, man.

The case looks like the Elite Survival Systems P90 case. I picked one up a few weeks ago and really like it. It's doing double duty as a CZ Scorpion case now.
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