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at FNH-USA or any other innovative entrepeneurial minded gun enthusiast...

i love this weapon. in spite of the nay-sayers it is my go-to weapon.

there are hardly any accessories for the f2000.

i know monolith-arms makes a railed foregrip replacement. i'm actually partial to the first version, the p90 looking version. i know they were a small outfit and demand was high and output far and few between, and the quality and finish was suspect in a few batches. rumor has it they are in negotiations with a larger manufacturer to produce larger quality batches.

i am one of those rare birds that actually like the original front grip. its not too bulky for me at all and the silouhette and lines of the weapon are slick.

BUT, i would pay good money to get this foregrip with rail and quick detach application.

who will step up? where shall i send my $? :shock:

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