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Total cost ?

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Can anyone give me a ruff estaminet of the total cost to sbr and silence a ps90? Start to finish.
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I'm doing this right now, here's where I'm at:

$200-Tax Stamp (Approved 11/14)
$60 Engraving
$433 Barrel and Flash Hider (Back ordered until mid Dec) You can save money by getting your barrel cut/re-threaded.
I also had to buy some tools as my tool bag was lacking.

I'm not planning on suppressing it, but I do have an Octane 9 HD2 in jail.
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Assumimg form1 sbr
1000-1400$ rifle
200$ sbr tax stamp
50-100$ engraving
Buy supressor you want 600-1200$ depending what you want
200$ supressor stamp
300$ factory barrel or 115$ to have it cut
80-100$ threaded front assembly
So approx 2200$-3100$
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Ha! I left out the actual PS90. I've had it a few years now.
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I went big:

Gemtech G5 Suppressor: Total cost was around a grand between the suppressor ($800ish) plus $200 tax stamp
Factory P90 Barrel off Gunbroker: $850 (like was said above you can cut cost here by getting your factory PS90 barrel cut and threaded or by buying a barrel from CMMG or Stryker)
SBR Tax Stamp: $200
Laser Engraving: $50
I paid a guy to perform the barrel swap for either $50 or $75 but I don't remember exactly
Pretty sure that's it...
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Ha, forgot the rifle too, but that should be it
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Very nice! Now I know what I'm in for if I decide to go this route. Thanks for the quick response!��
And depending on the route you take Chief law enforcement officer sign off/$ cost for prints and pictures or the Cost for setting up a trust.
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