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Trialing Alien Gear IWB for FNP-9

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Always wanted to get some carry use from the FNP-9 but have not made the leap into the sea of confusion, retrofits, and high dollar rigs.

I ordered an Alien Gear 2.0 IWB (they have a 30 day trial period) if it doesn't work out send it back.
This holster is similar to a few IWB types like Crossbreed. There are a few options I like with this one. Retention screws for the shell, they will swap a shell one for one if you change guns, very good warranty and vast selection of guns.

So far so good. have been wearing around the house to get used to it. The only down side is it is a little difficult to re holster as the back side closes in on the shell somewhat. I took some of the tension off the shell tension screws and had to keep in mind the pair of jeans I had on were about the tightest I have & I can stand to loose 5 pounds. If you check some youtube reviews, there are some pretty stout haters out there. Is it perfect? maybe not so much, but seems adequate for the price point, features and benefits. As of now, I will most likely not be using the 30 day return policy. Just tossing out here for a potential option that may be a good fit for someone.


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I've been using the AG with my .45 for a while, just took some getting used to...and buying a little bigger size pant....just ordered new ones for my M&P SHEILD 9 and Walther PPK
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