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Trigger job?

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Hey Guys,

I got a chance to shoot my gun this afternoon after cleaning it. Everything went very well, I have to say even though I ask a lot of dumb questions on this forum I am still an experienced shot. That said I have to admit I'm not all that wild about this trigger, it seems to have a long reset.

any suggestions about aftermarket ones? I know there is one called timney but don't know anything about it.

when I started shooting my P226 it was an old West German one that I eventually traded for the Tac Ops which has Sigs short reset trigger and it totally changed the way I shot the gun. Was thinking maybe I could do the same thing here.

i got a angled cocking handle for it too after scraping my knuckles on the eotech lever sight mount. That hurt!

i appreciate your help with the noob questions I am just new to SCAR platform
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Geisselle, short very light 1st stage, extremely crisp and light 2nd stage, took me 30 minutes to install but only because the return spring for the trigger kept slipping on me. I believe the Timney is a drop in replacement module like their AR triggers are.
Same here also tok about the same time maybe 25 minutes. Only took that long because I did it while watching the Geissele Super SCAR video and doing along with the guy doing the installation. Bill Geissele's video is not the best one look at. Look at a few of them and decide which shows the installation best for you.
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