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In another post which talked about old stock, I mentioned that I bought a new FNS-9 with a SS slide and manual safety last week from Bud's. It had a fired case date of April 2013. I was concerned about the locking slide issue when the trigger is pushed forward.

It does seem to do that but if I keep trying to move the slide back and forth is does come back eventually. I cleaned the gun yesterday. I gave it a good cleaning and inspected everything carefully. With the slide off I was looking at the frame and trigger movement. I moved the trigger back and forth to see what parts moved and how they could effect the slide.

My question to anyone who knows is, if you took a current production one and compared it to an older one and looked at the trigger components what is different that it won't stop the slide from moving back if the trigger is pushed forward. Also what would the factory do to mine to fix the issue if I wanted them to.
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