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I have had my FS2000 to the range twice so far. The second time out, I had a problem with the trigger pull. It was unbelievably stiff. I thought perhaps I had just overlooked how tough it was the first time out, but at one point the trigger pull went from horrible to much better in one shot. I was afraid I had a problem with my trigger pack so I took it home and spent some serious time figuring out how the trigger pack works, trying to come up with a reason for my gun to behave the way it did. Eventually I figured out that it is possible to replace the recoil pad in a way that it isn't fully engaged on the rails. The trigger will still break, but you have to mash it to get it to go. I think somewhere along the lines the recoil from the gun smacked the recoil pad into place and the issue went away. So, if you are having trouble with a very hard trigger pull, try removing the recoil pad and making sure it is seated properly. Anyone else see this, or is it possible I was seeing something else that others have experienced?
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