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I have two .308 caliber ACOGs and I only have one .308 caliber ACOG-friendly gun, my lovely SCAR 17S.

So one of these two bad boys has to go, and I'm going to let the market decide: I'm going to list them both and keep whichever doesn't sell!

The Trijicon TA55a is a 5.5x50mm ACOG that features bullet drop compensation out to a ridiculous 1200M. The red chevron reticle is designed to be zeroed using the tip at 100 meters. The width of the chevron at the base is 5.53 MOA which is 19 in. at 300 meters. This allows range estimation for silhouette targets. And then the optic has chest-width lines all the way out to 1200M.

This is, in my opinion, the ultimate "SHTF" optic for a SCAR 17S, or for an FNAR for that matter. It gives you the ability to work up close, thanks to the Bindon Aiming Concept or BAC, where you keep both eyes open and the red dot (or chevron in this case) floats over your target for close quarters, quick target acquisition. And then if you stop and focus, you have the fixed 5.5x sight so you can engage targets out to distance. It gathers a TON of light from its 50mm lens and its amazingly bright and clear thanks to its fixed power.

Details from Trijicon: TA55A ACOG - Trijicon, Inc.
Review from Gunblast: Trijicon’s New 5.5x50mm ACOG Riflescope

Scope is 100% excellent condition. Glass is perfect, reticle is perfect, glows super bright. Fiber optic is perfect with no cracks. Has been barely used, maybe 250 rounds total across my SCAR17 and my (former) FNAR.

Comes with Scope Coat and with LaRue Tactical 4XDOS quick disconnect mount (which retails for $125).

Also includes factory soft-sided case.

The TA55a retails for $1998 from Trijicon, street price is $1700 new on Optics Planet.

Yours here for the low, low price of $1350 shipped and insured.

F2F deals within an hour of Sarasota FL.

Trades considered:
- SCAR 16S or 17S, or SCAR-related accessories (mags, barrel assembly, whatever)
- FN SLP shotgun
- FN FS2000
- FN PS90
- FN FiveseveN (Mk2 preferred but whatever)
- FNX-45, tactical or standard
- quality AR15 in 5.56mm
- Tavor
- 50-cal rifle
- quality shotguns e.g. Remington 870 or better
- other ACOG models in either .223 or .308

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