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Located in Omaha, Ne.
I have 650rds of SS198 and 24rds of AE (All Loose)
$1,000 split shipping

12 PS90 mags-
3 LE restricted 50rd used- $45 each
8 unmarked (Factory?) Like New- $35 each
1 “AR fiveseven” marked 50rd new- $35

TROSUSA Lo-Pro M68 30mm Aimpoint Mount with1 side rail. Like New I had My PRO mounted in it.
$100 split shipping

also have 1 30rd FN FiveSeven mag. The bad says pro mag. But I think it’s a factory mag with a pro mag extender on it.
$25 shipped

I WILL NOT SHIP SINGLE ITEMS. Sorry, I don’t have time to run to the Post Office every day for small items so multiple items will get first dibs.

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