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Try out the FNP?

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Im new to this site and have found this site to be very informative and full of great info! Well Im in the market for my second handgun, I have a Smith and Wesson MP 40 already and am looking to get something in 9mm and my local shop back home in Norfolk doesn't carry FN, so does anyone who is in VA know where I can get my hands on an FNP to try it out or at least hold? Im currently in Radford VA, which is right next to Blacksburg and not to far from Roanoke. Thanks for any help you all can give me!
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Great choice! I really like mine and have left off carrying my Glocks, XDs etc lately in favor of it. I DO have hopes it'll gain in popularity for more A.M. products, like sights and brand-specific holsters. But not before I get a few more.. lol, while the price is still unequal to its value! ;)
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