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Tul Ammo....223

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Got a good deal on a BUNCH of .223 Tul Ammo, steel case rounds....but apparantly my AR doesn't care for them....while shooting today, I was running a bunch of it, and it was running fine...until my last mag....charged the weapon, fired the round, and nothing....cleared it to find the shell still in the chamber, and it was stuck really bad.

The gunsmith at the range finally got it out...the extractor had almost ripped the shell apart. Was told it was because of the coating on the steel shells to keep them from rusting.

Has anyone else had this problem, and if you have, what did you do to cure it....other than sell the ammo off and buy brass.

FYI...I will not be buying any steel case rounds from here on out!!!
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The first round I ever fired through my AR was Tula and yep that freaking happen to me. I've had it happen one other time in the past few years. I don't shoot Tula all of the time through her. switch up once and awhile.
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