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Updated Photo of PS90-

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I recently purchased an Urban ERT Sling and decided to take a photo of my PS90, great sling...here it is:

with cheapo laser and flashlites[/img]
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I keep debating on whether or not to get the fake can.
M1P90 said:
VERY NICE! That is an interesting placement of the laser presure switch. :cool:
Mine's been in the same spot since Dec :D

He's the only other person I've seen put it there, however.

My lasr is off at the moment, though - but I plan to have it back soon. I'm waiting for something in order to put it back.
xxG3xx said:
i want a PS90 really badly and your not helping my wallet...and with that cmore my god...my problem is if they banned the ammo i would be screwed
I don't see the ammo being "banned" - but, I stacked up 2100 rounds - in case it ever gets discontinued for any reason. If I didn't go wild, that could last me 7-10 years if it HAD to.

I too didn't want a proprietary setup and have the chance of having no ammo one day.
This was how I did it too (the light is on the other side now, and I plan to remount the laser soon, with the pad in the same place)

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To me - it is in a good spot. I am not likely to use the laser with regularity. I don't like some lasers, such as crimson trace lasers, because I feel like i have to adjust my grip if they are "on" (the master switch is on) but I don't want to make use of the laser at a particular time.

I don't want a pressure switch on the sides - where I normally hold the weapon - but would have to twist my grip to NOT have it on.

With the way mine is set up, it is on the edge of that front portion. I just extend the first finger on my left hand if I want to use the laser. I like it that way. I have no intentions to short barrel the PS90. So, there are no "bad habits" to develop that could lead to anything else.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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